Ferntree Fully Auto Electrical & Battery Centre are authorised to install, service and remove Smart Start alcohol interlocks.

We pride ourselves on professional fast and friendly service when it comes to your alcohol interlock needs.

All fitting is done with professional care. We do not drill holes or damage your vehicle in any way and the interlock does not interfere with the running of your vehicle, it will only prevent the starting due to an alcohol reading.

We offer the full range of Smart Start Interlocks here at Ferntree Gully Auto Electrical & Battery Centre, you can read about the most popular ones below, or if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly staff today!


The SSI-20/20™ brings a new level of information and ease of installation to the interlock market. Combined with our patented positive digital photo identification of the user, the SSI-20/20™ has been improved for easier use and installation.

The SSI-20/20™ works alongside Smart Start’s Photo ID camera module that captures a picture of the breath test subject at the time of each test. The Photo ID module is approximately 2.5 cubic cm and is mounted on the inside of the driver’s side windshield. Each photo is stored in the unit electronically along with the date and time of each test, which syncs with the SSI-20/20™ log. The camera unit is designed to work in any lighting situations, regardless of how dark or bright it is.

Features of the SSI-20/20™

  • Easy to test
  • Small, discrete size
  • Numeric keypad for easy recall of appointment date
  • Easy entry of unlock codes


The SSI-20/30™ is the latest in ignition interlock technology from Smart Start, Inc. It was developed to make installation, use and monitoring easier with a less-expensive and more discrete device. The SSI-20/30™ has been designed to work with our patented Photo ID module and make use of the device which is easier for you to use.

Smart Start’s Photo ID module is approximately two cubic cm and is mounted on the inside of the driver’s side window about halfway up from the dash. It records a picture of the user at the time of each breath test so Smart Start can see who takes each test and prevents the user from tampering with the camera. After each breath test, the photo is stored along with the date, time and location of each test to sync with the SSI-20/30™ information log. The SSI-20/30™ interlock will effectively abort the test and prevent the user from starting their car if any tempering is detected from the device or the camera.

The SSI-20/30™ goes a step further to provide GPS information to Smart Start and monitoring authorities. This enables them to see when and where each test is being taken. To make it easier for the user, the SSI-20/30™ does not have a hum feature, meaning users only have to blow into the device without needing to hum. In addition, it was designed to be more economical and discreet than the SSI-20/20™.

Features of the SSI-20/30™

  • Easy to test
  • Small, discrete size
  • Numeric keypad for easy recall of appointment date
  • No hum feature
  • Easy entry of unlock codes
  • Multi Colour Display

Personal Breath Tester

The Smart Start® Alcovisor® Satellite™ is an ideal solution for those needing an economical and portable breath alcohol test. The device is advanced enough to serve as a screener in an alcohol testing program, while also affordable and convenient enough for use as a personal testing device, giving the individual reassurance and security regarding their current condition. The device has a detection range of 0.00 to 0.40 BrAC and comes with a rechargeable battery, individual mouthpieces, and a USB power cord.

Features of the Personal Breath Tester

For over 20 years, Smart Start Inc. has been a leader in developing innovative alcohol monitoring systems, and is now a provider of onsite drug screen products and services under the brand name of their sister company, SMARTOX™.